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Spa Marketing Made Easy Podcast

Dec 25, 2023

Operating as a solo isn’t wrong, but it is limiting because it becomes seemingly impossible to imagine expansion or growth when you have to wear all the hats of being a business owner.


I’m not saying it’s not attainable, but it is not what I recommend or would ever put myself through as a CEO. 


Developing a...

Dec 18, 2023

Longtime listeners know I’m constantly talking about having the mindset of creating an asset that you can sell. 


Well listen up Spa CEOs + aspiring spa owners because today’s podcast guest has done just that by building a franchise. 


There are currently 37 franchises of VIO Med Spa and counting! 


Founder Joe...

Dec 11, 2023

You’ll often hear me talk about how entrepreneurship is like riding a rollercoaster.


Some days are up, and other days are down, but ultimately, the goal always remains the same - to build business around a life you love. 


My guest on today’s episode has entrepreneurship ingrained in her DNA. Growing up working...

Dec 4, 2023

When you hear that somebody has hosted a wildly profitable event, the natural response is “tell me everything!”


Today’s episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy is doing just that. 


Samantha Surman, one of my Spa CEOs from my Growth Factor® Framework program, is spilling all of the juicy event details of how she...

Nov 27, 2023

The greatest gift in coaching is witnessing the “Aha!” moments that happen to my students. 


My guest on this episode of Spa Marketing Made Easy experienced a lightbulb moment on a recent coaching call when I gave her the title of serial entrepreneur.


Charlie Carter, CEO of Body Soul Spa in Jacksonville, FL, is...